Save time and labor by automating your processes

Labor is becoming increasingly scarce in the horticulture. The continuously development of machinery is the solution to this problem. Machinery in and around your greenhouse will save you a lot of time and labor costs. Royal Brinkman China is the expert in the field of mechanisation. What do we have to offer you?

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Save time and labor by automating your processes

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Internal transport | Make your processes simple, safe and efficient

Are you looking for high-quality logistical solutions for your greenhouse to optimize internal processes? Royal Brinkman offers you the latest techniques and systems for each crop and each greenhouse to simplify these processes. This not only enables you to work more safely and efficiently, these logistic solutions also ensure an ergonomic work posture for your employees. Labor is becoming increasingly scarce, which is why it is so important to do business as efficiently as possible. 


 BeNomic EasyStar    BeNomic EasyKit    Soporte para cajas de tomate
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Crop rotation machines | Save time and labor costs

Crop rotation is labor-intensive work and a very hectic period for growers. Save time and labor during this heavy period by automating your crop removal. This is possible with the wide range of proven machines of Weterings Machinery that will mechanize and simplify the crop rotation process.

 Bio Chopper Compact    Mega Bio Chopper
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Hygiene equipment | Prevent against unwanted diseases and pests

With the constant threat of viruses, pests and diseases, hygiene and the implementation of safe hygiene practices has never been more important. Although disinfecting the greenhouse will prevent unwanted diseases and pests, it is also important to consider possible diseases spread by people, machines and tools. Protect yourself from the possibility of an outbreak right from the start with the extensive hygiene product assortment of Royal Brinkman China.

 Estación de higiene URK    Flexxomat
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Greenhouse roof cleaner | Improve the growth of your crop with light

Light transmission is an important factor in getting more growth in a greenhouse. If you rotate several times a year or if you have different types of crops (each with their own light requirements), you should wash the greenhouse cover regularly and reapply (a different type of) chalk. With a greenhouse roof cleaner, you can optimize both the inside and outside of the roof cleaning and reapplication of chalk.

 Top Cleaner    AquaJet
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georgia sraying trolley ruEmpas spraying equipment


Empas sprayers are state-of-the-art equipment from the renowned EMPAS brand. They have been in demand in the greenhouse industry for many decades.

Spraying trolleys are used to quickly and easily apply crop protection products to the plants. This prevents the spread of all kinds of diseases, pests and fungi. They can also be used for effective and thorough cleaning and disinfection in the greenhouse.

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Save money through regular maintenance

Preventive maintenance can extend the life cycle of a machine and prevent downtime. Longer lifespan and less downtime means a significant cost saving. So for all these and other machines, the same rule applies: "maintenance is crucial to keep machines safe in use and avoid high repair costs".

Royal Brinkman China offers you all the tools to do and keep track of your maintenance. Hortispares is one of these tools, Hortispares is the online shop of spare parts for the horticultural sector. Visit for a range of more than 10,000 spare parts for the machines and installations used in your greenhouse. Hortispares brings all the pieces together in one place.

In addition, Royal Brinkman also offers a wide range of articles on maintenance in the knowledge center.

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  • 维护和检查——管轨升降车

    优 点 减少突发故障,而且避免再次发生 确保管轨升降车保持最佳工况 由专业的资深员工执行维护 确保正确设置管轨升降车的性能 及时为您规划维护工作 操作 检查、清洁和润滑所有运动部件 检查液位(液压油) 检查提升系统、轴承组、驱动系统和车轮。 检查电池(酸液位、电压、电池端子和电池水) 检查和清洁保险丝、保险丝座和或断路器 检查运行按钮 检查碳刷和发动机控制保险丝熔断情况...
  • 如何清洁卫生站?

    清洁卫生站的准备工作 在您开始进行清洁前,请确保先关闭电源。如果没有开关或难以关掉,请拔下卫生消毒门的电源线。 同时断开供水 清洁刷子 将格栅抬到刷子上方,直至格栅处于安全位置 将刷子从驱动器中拉出,以供卫生消毒门使用。 将刷子放在 2% 的中性洗涤剂溶液中浸泡 15 分钟左右。然后在最大压力为 20 巴,最高温度为 50°C 的情况下用纯净水将其洗干净。切勿使用高压(>...
  • 如何维护电池

    检查有无损坏 定期检查电池有无裂缝或增厚。如果外壳损坏,将需要更换整个电池。请勿再使用已损坏的电池,因为这会导致危险,在最坏的情况下,甚至会发生爆炸。 腐蚀 电池端子会发生腐蚀。这可以通过小的白色颗粒状物质来识别。按照如下方式清除腐蚀: 断开电池。 首先取下阴极夹(标有“减号”)。 然后取下阳极夹(标有“加号”)。如果难以取下夹子,可使用钳子。确保不会导致短路。...